ZippCast - Be UNseen!

Note: The purpose of this article is to Inform and Educate the public. In no way is this article intended to be Defamatory towards ZippCast or its members. We're all entitled to our opinions and this article is merely my side of the story written from my own perspective. Ultimately, we all have to come to our own conclusions.
I'm pretty sure that most people have never heard of Zippcast before now, so I will give you some background. Zippcast was created as an Alternative Video Hosting website to counter-act the Google purchase of Youtube and all the changes that were made. Their first launch yielded a few thousands members but it didn't last long, the site was hacked and all the member accounts were deleted. So they had to relaunch their website for a second time and ask their members to sign up and start rebuilding their channels all over again, losing members in the process. Those who took the time to sign up again found out that Zippcast was still an unsafe site when it came to security because they were eventually hacked again, and again, lost all their member data. But you know what they say... the third time is a charm, right? Wrong in the case of Zippcast!

The website did relaunch a third time, still dealing with uploading and encoding issues at the time of relaunch... they did regain a few thousand members. I was one of those members who stuck with them through the chaos until I attempted to communicate with the other members in their forum. This is when I realized that Zippcast is really geared towards children, not serious producers with informative content. As a result of my two attempts to share "Educational Art" videos with the members via their forum, my words were completely misinterpreted and regarded as "Arrogant" and "Selfish." Not one of the members addressed or even acknowledged any of the content found in any of my videos. All they could do was attack my person with negativity and hate. So I chose to turn the other cheek and delete my Zippcast account/channel and move on with my life.

I came across a different video hosting service at, which basically uses the same website template and interface as Zippcast. So I signed up and began to re-create my channel. Within minutes of uploading my first few videos... they were receiving 1 Star votes yet not getting any views. I was being trolled on by a childish Zippcast member who merely created a Wenoo account just to downvote my videos. Of course I eventually blocked their account, but that didn't last very long because the very next day... there was another new (Zippcast member) account downvoting my videos again. And again, I blocked them.

On my third day of being a member of, I received this message via my personal Youtube channel:

"So what, are ya really gonna keep on spamming/dumping/flooding Wenoo for days on end?  The owner's already been sent 3 pm's that I'm aware of complaining about your spamming and selfish flooding.  And oh lol, those folks who have subscribed to you?  They sub to anyone and everyone and always have lol.  Well, actually one of 'em's into the same crazy lunatic conspiracy theory/left wing horseshit that you are so you do have 1 fan.  One of 'em just joined yesterday and subbed only you?  Most likely IS you.  Anyway, ya see all of those 0's next to yer vids as far as views?  That won't change, nobody's gonna watch your crap there lol.... bye now... ("

Now obviously, this message was written by someone who has a number of personal issues... considering they have to dishonor complete strangers by slapping disharmonious, negative and separatist labels on them. Still ignoring the actual content found in my videos. But I blew off this message without paying much attention to it simply because I have no time for immature internet trolls. So I went back to uploading videos to, but this time, I contacted the owner with this message:

"Hello Fawz... Derek here from FTF Films. I've received a PM via Youtube that claims "The owner's already been sent 3 pm's that I'm aware of complaining about your spamming and selfish flooding." -- Is this true? Am I posting too many videos too fast? Did any members honestly complain about my channel? I'm just trying to verify the facts because I am truly not attempting to cause any trouble or harm. Please let me know... thanks."

Here is the reply I received from Fawz:

"Hi Derek,

It's our pleasure to have you on, for me I love what you are doing, but some members they are afraid that you are flooding but don't worry about that, do what ever you think is good for you and our website.

I made this website so every one can enjoy.

Thanks & Regards,

So I simply went back to uploading more videos to Wenoo (at a slower pace of course). But again, another new (Zippcast) member signed up on Wenoo and began downvoting my videos (again), until, of course, I blocked them (again). Then, the very next day I received another "troll" message from another empty youtube channel. Have a look at what this loving, compassionate and honorable human being wrote to a complete stranger:

"Wow lol, you simply really are a no-life pathetic sadsack aren't ya? Someone 1-stars a few of your vids so you create another channel and 5 star your own vids. Just how desperate are you? And for someone who boasts about just what an internet sensation they are, just wtf are you doing at Wenoo? There's like 10 active people there at the most.

Ok, let's recap this... You come to the ZC forums begging for views and subs bragging like a little bitch. People aren't all that thrilled with you or your vids and then you go into full-on butthurt mode, making a complete ass out of yourself. The users pummel you, and then ultimately you pack up your ridiculous videos, tucking your tail between your legs and run away..

Then you land at Wenoo and proceed to spend every waking hour flooding and spamming the place with your vids that nobody watches or comments on and NEVER WILL watch or comment on, only stopping long enough to wander over to ZC's FB page getting yourself banned there lollllll.

Wenoo isn't very big, most posters' vids get like 1 to maybe 10 views per video. Yours lol are averaging probably one tenth of a view each. Pathetic.

This isn't gonna play out well for you when it's all said and done. And btw... don't ya think people are gonna notice that with all of your vids that you've 5-starred, none of them even have 1 view? That's right genius, they say ZERO views. "Hmmm how can this video say 5 stars but says 0 views?" Just you going there and rating your own vid 5 stars doesn't register a view ya dolt lol.

So anyway, yeah... we're havin' fun watching your antics... carry on. Instead of again, spending every waking hr flooding Wenoo, I thought you'd probably look into fixin' those fucked up teeth of yours and tryin' to get off the meth but hey.... it's your life. ("

Now of course everything that is said in that message is totally misconstrued and false, and that is why I am writing this article. I tell the truth and expose lies! Anyone who has ever watched an FTF Films video knows this fact, and the truth is that Zippcast members (and Zippcast themselves) choose to perpetuate hate, negativity and separatism based on their irrelevant (immature) opinions about complete strangers... merely for their own self-centered satisfaction, while completely disregarding the content and information provided in the videos.

Zippcasters spread Darkness and Hate... and they will even follow you to other websites just to spread their Darkness and Hate. So with all that said, my suggestion is that everyone steer clear of Zippcast and their inconsiderate, childish members... especially if you create content that attempts to spread love, light, conscious truth and/or create peace and harmony for all the sentient beings of Earth. 

This is how I personally rate based on my 5 years of dealing with them:
Website Speed Rating: ★ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆
Forum Rating: ★ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆
Video Quality Rating: ★ ★ ☆ ☆ ☆
Conversion Speed Rating: ★ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆
Security Rating: ★ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆
Reliability Rating: ★ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆
Channel Design Rating: ★ ★ ★ ☆ ☆

If you feel that I'm being a bit hard on Zippcast, take a peek at the link below for a much deeper, more detailed description of their members and website. Or simply do a google search and you'll find out that Zippcast isn't even worthy of having a Wikipedia page.

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